The company

Costruzioni Meccaniche s.n.c. is glad to inform you that it has a workshop that works in the engineering sector, with young and qualified staff.

Our business, which deals with the several necessities of the customers with the greatest flexibility and dynamism, is to realize:

  • Planning, building and reparation of blanking die and thermoplastic;
  • Aeronautical equipment;
  • Work on EDM and WEDM;
  • Cold molding of metal sheets and plastics;
  • Water and laser cut and bending of metal sheets up to 3 meters;
  • CNC and traditional turning and milling;
  • Precision carpentry: welding on iron and stainless steel.

The firm is located in a 2000 mq area and half of it is used for production.

We are confident that our business can be interesting for your firm, so we stay available for clarifications and technical and economic evaluations for every specific demand you may propose and we thank you for the time you devoted to us.

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